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Feb 12, 2013 10:00pm PST
. there is a better way, and a new team is ready to bring america back. eric cantor, kevin mccarthy, paul ryan, joined by common- sense conservatives... >> narrator: cantor had teamed up with his closest allies to form their own political action committee. >> together they are the young guns. >> this is the young guns. they have a book. they have a website. they're the new face of the republican party, and as mccarthy told me, paul is the brains, mccarthy is the strategist, cantor is the leader. >> narrator: the first order of business was for the young guns to prepare the new republicans for the ways of washington. paul ryan took the lead. >> paul ryan essentially became a professor, and on tuesday, wednesday and thursday nights he would teach class. he was teaching them, and he was a good professor. and he had very willing students in these 87 freshmen. >> the nation's fiscal trajectory is simply not sustainable. >> narrator: he outlined his big idea-- the path to prosperity, the name he'd given to a startling budget proposal. >> well, paul ryan is a very talented person. from a budget perspective a
Feb 11, 2013 12:00am PST
. chris: i knew you'd say that. gloria? >> paul ryan. chris: you're just playing this up. what game are you playing? paul ryan? come on. >> i think marco rubio is a very attractive candidate. chris: paul, take it back. paul ryan. >> he's staying in the house. chris: we read the same stuff. >> he wants to be speaker of the house. chris: that's a good scoop. >> these guys are overexposed and i think the next attention goes to jeb bush and somebody else gets a turn. >> if chris christie is talking about losing weight, he is serious. >> no, i think he is the guy that can shoot the lights out. we saw that at the end of the 2012 campaign. you can argue barack obama got re-elected. chris: does he need to change his act a little bit back from none of your business or is that going to work for him? >> he needs to show the country his intellect which is formidable, in addition to that kind of new jersey toughness. >> my favorite race, joe biden, chris christie. wouldn't that be great? chris: a lot of jersey in both guys. thanks to our great roundtable, joe klein, gloria borger, elisabeth bumi
Feb 18, 2013 6:00am PST
. congressman paul ryan said it's a setback for talks on the hill. >> there are groups in the house and the senate working together to get this done, and when he does things like this, it makes it more difficult to do that. and that's why i think this particular move, very counterproductive. >> senators john paul and john mccain slammed the white house allegedly for leaking the plan on purpose. >> this is the prosecutor pea doing his own plan. it shows me he's really not serious. when they come out and say my way or the highway and if congress doesn't ask be with i'll put it on the desk and say pass it now, that's no way to get it done. but it seems to me to show the president really doesn't want immigration reform. >> leaks don't happen in washington by accident. this races the question that many of us continue to wonder about. does the president really want a result or does he want another reason to beat up republicans so he can get political advantage in the next election? >> he argued the white house plan and bipartisan negotiations shared some key elements. >> republican, this
Feb 13, 2013 9:00am PST
be open for indexing the minimum wage. people close to paul ryan. i believe he did it after he picked paul ryan. and he went on larry kudlow, i saw larry kudlow last night, and said, hey, you know they're doing the indexes. i told larry that's bad policy. economic conservatives. for doing that. while the president is throwing it out there trying to give to the public, hey, there's bipartisan -- there's really not. >> there are studies out there, small business group sponsor studies that suggested if you raise the minimum wage, you'll end up having fewer workers, predominantly lower skilled workers. there's a report that suggested $11 billion in one year in terms of increased wages for workers at that low end. the problem that boehner has it doesn't really touch on that. >> why not bring out the defense could be something that deprives people of jobs. >> yes, that would be smart. >> at some point in his press conference today, he did talk about this could hurt job creators but you end with this moral argument that the gop can't stay away because it's embedded in their outlook and fiscal pol
Feb 17, 2013 10:00am EST
of the house side. >> de you think -- >> i think paul ryan, the chairman of the house committee, has been in contact with senator murray. i think they're both very practical-minded people and understand that this is a practical place where we are talking about here. i hope and trust that the budget committees will agree on a single number so that we can do our job, which cannot do otherwise. >> are closely do you work with paul ryan? >> very well. he is a bright guy. he understands what our predicament is on appropriations, that we are limited on what we can do, on the big number that he gives us and the budget resolution is. he understands that and he sympathizes with their predicament. i told him and i have told others. you guys are up in the pilot house steering the ship of state with your lofty ideas. the appropriations committee, on the other hand, is in the engine room banging on pipes and shoveling coal. we are the practical people. we have to make it work. when i have to hands shoveling coal down there, the senate in the house, we can make things happen. but if we are not in sync,
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm PST
-prepared. >> colby? >> it was a "saturday night live" skit. he is going to go the way of paul ryan, these youthful looking guys who are boyish, and then they spew out that same conservative pablum that got them in trouble. >> he is talking about immigration -- >> but he didn't in that speech. >> according to "time" magazine, he got a voice now from his mother who said, "don't mess with the immigrants. they came here for the same reasons." >> that was a great anecdote and nice touch, and i hope he listens to his mother more often. the speech can be boiled down to this -- i am not mitt romney. i was not born of privilege. >> but my views are pretty much the same. >> views of the same, not as well expressed. this is charles' idea of insightful rhetoric -- "our free enterprise economy is because of our problems. that is what the president believes," oakwood to marco rubio. that is just fantasy, that is balderdash. >> balderdash. >> it is, and you hear the same thing from paul ryan to it is there mantra. the problem is policy, policy, policy. if they could understand that, and they might get out of the
Feb 13, 2013 4:30am EST
and paul ryan about the president's address. >> and coming up on the "morning news," we'll meet the winner of the world's most famous dog show, but first, new revelations about the pope. learn more about benedict's medical history as the vatican prepares to choose his successor. this is the "cbs morning news." and now hot pink toes. seems tough for a tough dog like duke. but when it has anything to do with gwen, he's putty in her hands. for a love this strong duke's family only feeds him iams. compared to other leading brands it has 50% more animal protein... help keep his body as strong as a love that can endure anything... even every fashion trend. iams. keep love strong. [ nyquil bottle ] you know i relieve coughs sneezing, fevers... [ tylenol bottle ] me too! and nasal congestion. [ tissue box ] he said nasal congestion. yeah...i heard him. [ female announcer ] tylenol® cold multi-symptom nighttime relieves nasal congestion. nyquil® cold and flu doesn't. >>> well, this is one of the toughest jobs in new orleans, getting partiers off the street at the en
Feb 13, 2013 11:00am PST
. they are a lot more effective. >> i want to play what paul ryan said in reaction to the president's address. let me play it. >> he's taking to the road for the next few days in campaign mode. he seems to always stay in a campaign mode where he treats people, the other party as the enemy and not as partners. if he wanted to get things done he would work for us instead of campaigning. >> he would work with us instead of campaigning around the country. is that fact, fiction or an opinion? >> it's just an opinion. every president does this after the state of the union. you saw it with gorge bush after he had the idea of privatizing social security. he went across the country to do that. this is a republican talking point. this idea that somehow obama doesn't want to work with the republicans and he is the who is obstructing poor progress in terms of the economy and other issues and he is always if campaign mode. it's not surprising that this is what they say again. i think you have a president that realizes he did well in 2012 and he has momentum and very much wants to go above the head of the folks
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
on a national tour to bring attention to the impact of vice-presidential candidate paul ryan's budget could have on the nation's poor. we welcome you both. sister campbell, your response? were you surprised by the pope's announcement? how to characterize the >>'s reign? >> i was totally surprised, tully taken off guard like i think most catholics were or most of the world was. i think the papacy of pope benedict is next. there have been some very strong teachings that have been very important is the second trick was historic in lifting of the needs of those who are oppressed in our world and saying until you have justice, you cannot have charity. ironically, it is the very same struggle for justice that i think has been at the heart of some of the most typical parts published difficult parts that there is been sexual abuse and other really horrible evens that have created victims all over the world has not been adequately dealt with by our church or our leadership. is sen. -- it is sad. it has been a very mixed time. >> barbara blaine, your assessment of pope benedict? >> i think hope benedict i
Feb 18, 2013 1:00pm PST
opportunity. i may or may not. i don't know. >> i'll take a paul ryan position. it's not on my current list. >> another deaf pit maybe. >> we won't make a decision until 2014. i want the party to become a national party again. i will continue in that vein for a couple years and then we'll decide. >> joining us is angela rye, political strategist and principal of impact strategies. ryan grim, washington bureau chief for "the huffington post" and msnbc contributor jonathan capehart of the "washington post." it's only the middle of february 2013 and we have a slurry of individuals, bobby jindal, marco rubio, rand paul, paul ryan, but as far as jindal goes, he doesn't seem -- he seems to be having a hard time convincing voters in his own state. he only gets something like 37% of people in louisiana who want to support him. what do you think his prospects are to begin with? >> first and foremost, i think it's a really bad idea to kind of poll or test policies on your state not paying attention to what really matters to the folks and the residents of louisiana. so i think he really has to get a b
Feb 17, 2013 10:00am EST
and the minimum wage, how will republicans respond? we'll ask congressman paul ryan here live only on "this week." plus, how is president obama going to get any of this out of congress? white house chief of staff, denis mcdonough, is here. then -- >> the debate time for senator hagel is not yet over. >> hagel on hold and -- >> straight out. >> was this really a big deal? >> don't worry, senator rubio, nobody noticed that you gave a speech. [ laughter ] >> our powerhouse roundtable takes on all the week's politics. george will, democratic congressman joaquin castro, former speaker of the house newt gingrich, ruth marcus from "the washington post" and former romney adviser, stuart stevens. >> hello again. george is off today. it's great to have you with us. in a "this week" exclusive congressman paul ryan is standing by to join us live, but first a major political story breaking overnight. a new report from "usa today" with what the paper says is a draft of the white house immigration proposal. according to the report, the plan includes allowing undocumented immigrants to apply for legal status wi
Feb 17, 2013 6:00pm EST
on getting things to the same page? >> i think paul ryan, chairman of house budget committee, has been in contact with senator murray and i think are both very practical minded people and understand that this is a practical place we're talking about here. . i hope and trust the budget committee can agree we'll do our job which we can't do otherwise. >> how closely do you work with paul ryan? >> and we're limited by what we can do by the number he gives us in the bution resolution and he understands that and sympathizes with our predicament and told him as i told others, you're in the pilot house steering the ship of state with your lofty ideas. the appropriations committee on the other hand, we have to make it work. and when i have two hands shoveling coal down there, senate and the house, we can make things happen. but if we're not in sync, the ship of state gets dead in the water and that's sort of where we are right there. >> chairman, we have to leave it there. thanks very much for being a part of newsmakers. >> thank you very much. good to be with you. >> and we're back with our r
FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 2:00am PST
jersey's governor and former republican vice president nominee. paul ryan with third for 37 percent and rounding out the top 5 current vice president joe biden with a 35 percent positive rating. chris christie is above paul ryan. overseeing the nation's money is facing tough questions about how he has over seen his own money. chief of staff jack lieu is beginning the process become treasury secretary. they have details of what went down on the hill. the finance committee top republican had a possible conflict of interest. >> he would be saying do as i say not as i did. >> 945,000 dollar bonus he received. >> explain why it would be morally acceptable to take post domain dollars out of a company that was insolvent and about to receive a billion dollars of tax payer support. >> it was a manner of people who did the same kind of thing i did in the industry. i was compensated for my work. i will leaf for others to judge. >> dakota cu baucus talked abou in a well-known tax haven. >> i don't know why it was organized. i was not involved in setting up the fund. >> did you pay taxes on that
Feb 13, 2013 6:00am PST
really relate to and to reach out across the aisle to get it done. congressman paul ryan responded with this. i'm concerned the president doesn't fully appreciate the challenge of our national debt and its threat to our economy. tonight he outlined many new programs in detail. but when it came to spending restraint, he was remarkably brief. this is the trap, though, that did the white house set for republicans. republicans today in washington talking about the debt. talking about the deficit. talking about the budget. the president's going to go out there talking about those pocketbook issues that poll very well. this was the trap republicans fell into the '90s with bill clinton. and it's one that the white house thinks politically they may have set for the republicans going forward. all right. >>> up next, second term. second chances. we're going to hear from a guy who knows firsthand just how short the shelf life can be in the second term when working with congress. president clinton's chief of staff, john padesta, joining us for a reality check. how much of that laundry list fro
Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm PST
. they did to it paul ryan. he wasn't doing paul ryan during the election. he was doing the exact same script. they make any new face fit into the same mold. >> marco rubio is fresh to a lot of americans out there who were paying attention last night. he is in a different demographic than some of these old white senators that are there, okay, that have been there for a long time. >> right. >> it's a different culture. it's a different demographic, different view of life in many respects. yet he comes out and says the same stuff that they were just saying on the campaign trail. it's almost as if the republicans didn't preview the speech. >> well, you know what? they didn't have to. here is the thing. this is the complication of being a minority conservative. right now, first of all, there is a huge boom in it there is a big career advancement in it. if you want to be ben carson, marco rubio, any brown or black person who is willing to say conservative stuff, this is your moment. you can make a lot of money, get a lot of attention, get a lot of love from the right, because they really do need b
Feb 17, 2013 7:00am PST
paul ryan and newly appointed white house chief of staff denis mcdonough coming up on "this week." >>> all right. let's go to to ron claiborne for a look at the other headlines. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with news about a new pope and when that pope may be chosen. the vatican hinting it may begin the process of selecting pope benedict's successor earlier than expected. abc's david wright joins us from rome now where pope benedict is celebrating his second to last sunday as head of the roman catholic church. david? >> reporter: good morning, ron. the pope just finished his weekly angelus, and only one more time will he appear in that window, so a huge crowd gathered here at st. peter's today, but already behind the scenes, the focus has turned to choosing his successor. the vatican spokesman yesterday floating a trial balloon suggesting that the conclave to choose a new pope could take place before march 15th. some say that's just common sense because there's no funeral this time, no period of mourning, and all the cardinals will presumably be in town to say good-bye to
Feb 18, 2013 10:00am PST
, cantor and boehner and paul ryan sort of moving up on the inside? who is the most influential player right now in that caucus when it comes to budget decisions? >> it's john -- still it's three people. john boehner, eric cantor, and paul ryan, and paul ryan and cantor are going to keep boehner to the right. i mean, cantor and ryan's advisors have told us privately there is no opening for tax revenue in this deal at all. i'm want sure if john boehner would do it independently of them, but the people that we've seen who have been completely ineffective are the people on the house armed services committee, the people who make these decisions usually, but the chairman has not been able to sway boehner at all. we've seen the stalemate because of that, and cantor and rooen are going to keep boehner on the right. >> people outside the process are saying this is the dumbest way to do business, to have a meat ax approach and have across the board cuts. yes, it does achieve some budget savings, but does it not in any kind of intelligent way of planning. >> which is why if you talk to the peopl
Comedy Central
Feb 12, 2013 11:30pm PST
lost paul ryan in the mall. [laughter] he was supposed to hold on to his mother's hand! [laughter] they found him busting a union at the build-a-bear workshop. [laughter] but folks, the rnc, the republican national committee, is doing something about it. >> the rnc is doing a major autopsy on 2012. >> the rnc is coming up with some type of autopsy of the last election. >> you've got to do a full autopsy. >> stephen: yes, a full autopsy. which is also the republican alternative to obamacare. [laughter] to plot their path back to power, the gop recently held a three-day conference in williamsburg, virginia, which is the perfect location, because the republican platform also re-enacts the 18th century. [laughter] they say they went there for a little self-reflection exactly what men inspired by ayn rand need-- more time thinking about themselves. [laughter] they also reached out to voters, with a web-survey asking how they can improve their messaging. and a computerized web survey is the perfect way to hear from republicans' core constituency of the extremely old. latch laugh the num
Feb 18, 2013 1:30am EST
but to the overall amount has gotten more superficial so now i asked chris chris your paul ryan they spend a lot of time talking about their weight or exercise that may double the of playing field a bit maybe it is at the expense of substantive coverage. >> host: ltd. rice do you have for candidates to reach out to the media? >> when they call, always talk. you need to build good relationships if they are approaching you there is no reason not to take them up. don't waste their time don't send out of a press release everyday. said not one that is newsworthy because they can come to those events then they will cover you would if you waste their time they will stop. >> host: what you teach your? >> women of political leadership in this seminar of contemporary politics the last semester i taught a class election in 2012 we follow the congressional and presidential elections in detail and women in politics >> host: water to conclusions that you have? >> guest: it is a broad question but the two things that are relevant is primaries matter and even though ms. romney got through the primary unscathed
Feb 13, 2013 7:00am PST
committee chairman paul ryan will join us his first morning show interview since the >>> all right, norah. a few patches of fog making their way inside the bay this morning and along the coastline. we have seen some thicker fog making its way to some of the interior valleys. as we hoed throughout the day, this is all going to lift as we head throughout the day. mostly sunny skies by the afternoon but still chilly in spots. freezing in some of the valleys now. 30 degrees in napa, 31 in santa rosa, and 32 degrees in fairfield. 40s approaching the coastline. this afternoon, should see some 50s at the beaches, 60s, plenty of sunshine, inside the bay and the valleys. even warmer over the next couple of days. >> announcer: this national her >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewel ares. every kiss begins with kay. sugar is the number one cause of obesity on "cbs this morning." nectresse, the new 100% natural no calorie sweetener. new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. swe
Feb 12, 2013 12:00am PST
- presidential debate between joe biden and paul ryan. let me just apologize, just before we can live on the air, the satellite feed took a hit with all the news of the day and the news that will be made tomorrow. martha, thank you for doing this under these difficult situations. you'll be happy to know there is a beautiful picture of you on the screen. >> i don't know how any of that works but i know we will make it work somehow. tavis: come the about this project. >> on the radar is our digital project with yahoo and abc news. it is part of our power players and i think the power players get the 100 million hits a year. it is a real opportunity for me to sit down like you get to do and do holland your interviews. tavis: given the number of years you have been at this, how has it changed in your tenure? >> we have to look at it as opportunity. it is a fabulous opportunity to get different types of audiences. the children get their news from the internet, they probably go to the internet first. tavis: you tell me i could be wrong, but it seems our interest in those kinds of affairs that seine fl
Feb 13, 2013 4:00am EST
have a little dog at home. >>> coming up, republican congressman marco rubio and paul ryan. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." maybe today you'll run some errands, maybe another headache will get in the way. if you have migraines with 15 or more headache days a month, you're living a maybe life. and you may have chronic migraine. go to to find a headache specialist. and don't live a maybe life. something this delicious could only come from nature. new nectresse. the 100% natural no-calorie sweetener made from the goodness of fruit. new nectresse. sweetness naturally. . >>> good morning. welcome to wusa9. today is wednesday, february 13. i'm andrea roane. >>> one more day left for your valentine's day shopping. have you done it yet? that's why you wore red this morning? >> no. >> it was on the shelf ready to go. >> mr. bernstein is in the color of those pink hearts you give to people. >> it's not the 14th? just decided to go with pink. snow lovers, this is not going to be your storm again. looks like mainly a rain event for us with just a touch
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 163 (some duplicates have been removed)